Coastal Banksia Banksia integrifolia

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Banksia integrifolia-coast banksia is a species of tree that grows on the east coast of Australia. It is very widely distributed from Victoria all the way up the east coast throughout Queensland. Depending on the habitat, It's can grow to around 25 metres in height. Its leaves have dark green upper surfaces and a whitish-silver underside. It produces beautiful pale yellow cylindrical-shaped flowers that can be seen from summer to winter. It's a hardy tree that's popular in Australian gardens, parks and street plantings. The coastal banksia has had great success combating erosion by stabilising sand dunes.

Approximate height: Up to 25m
Minimum temperature tolerance: Tolerates light frost.
Climate: Suited to the east coast of Australia
Light: Full sun to part shade
Soil: Suits most soil types including heavy clay to sandy soils

Uses: Feature tree, windbreak, cut flowers, street trees, erosion control, Honey producing plants that attract birds and bees.

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