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Our young plants come in larger pots than our competitor's little tube-stock pots. We use larger pots to increase root size and mass. This insures that our plants are healthy, strong and robust for the trip to their new home!

Burdekin Plum Pleiogynium timorese, also known as sweet plum and tulip plum, is a semi-deciduous Australian native rainforest tree that grows to around 20m in height. It produces edible fruit only when fully ripe. The fruit is large, dark and plump and contains a single seed. It has been described as one of the best bush tucker species in Australia. It can be eaten raw (when fully ripe) or made into jams, chutney or even wine. It is incredibly hardy and drought-tolerant. It is dioecious (that is, with separate male and female plants) so it is better to plant in groups of three or more to make sure it produces beautiful fruit. 

Your Tree/plant will be;
- Planted in a 500ml pot or larger.
- Greater than 20cm from the top of the pot (not the bottom) in height.
- Healthy with extensive root and vegetation development.

Habitat: East coast rainforests of Australia
Uses: Shade-feature tree, bush tucker, jam, chutney and wine
Approximate height: 20m
Minimum temperature tolerance: Keep protected from frost.
Climate: Suited to subtropical climate
Light: Full sun to part shade
Soil: Prefers free draining soil

What do I do when I receive my plants?
- Your plants are packed in a way to last the journey. All you will need to do when they arrive is to give them a heavy watering and place them in a part shade position for 10 days. They will recover from the trip quite quickly, give them a bit of extra care until they are strong again. Don't be alarmed if there is leaf loss, they will recover.

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- We always provide healthy plants and seeds
- FREE Shipping (no hidden charges on checkout)
- Australian run and owned business
- 100% true-to-type plants and trees guaranteed! (don't become one of the horror stories! - we have strict control systems in place to eliminate this problem)
- Great care is taken to prepare your plants and seeds for transportation. Every order is carefully and robustly wrapped for its journey to its new home. 


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