Bunya Pine Araucaria bidwillii bunya nut

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The Bunya pine Araucaria bidwillii is an evergreen tree that grows to approximately 40 metres that produces a nice straight trunk. It is branch-free for around two-thirds of the height. It produces cones which contain edible seeds every two to three years depending on the climate. The cones are very large!

It has been a sacred tree for indigenous Australians and is an important source of food, timber and fibre. Indigenous Australians eat the nut raw or cooked. 

 Uses: GP softwood applications, plywood, interior joinery, linings, mouldings and furniture. Timber is very sought after for guitar soundboards and other musical instrument applications (Australian company Maton uses bunya pine timber for the soundboards of its BG808CL Performer acoustic guitars)

 Habitat: Native to Queensland Australia

Approximate height: 40m
Minimum temperature tolerance: Tolerates some frost
Climate: Suited to subtropical climate
Light: Full sun to part shade
Growth habit: Upright
Soil: Does well in moist and free draining, can tolerate clay

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