Blue Silver Quandong Elaeocarpus grandis

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Elaeocarpus grandis is a fast-growing rainforest tree that bears distinctive blue edible circular fruit. The Tree grows to approximately 35 m. It has buttress roots at the base of the tree. The leaves are oblong in shape and turn bright red before falling. The flowers are about 15cm long and are greenish-white in appearance. Flowering occurs in autumn. The tree produces blue fruit that is circular and around 0.8cm in diameter.

Uses: Bushtucker, Boat building, aircraft components, archery equipment, billiard cues, beehives, Venetian blinds, broom handles, templates, pattern-making, boat oars, pencils, piano parts, was used for tennis racquets and vaulting poles

Habitat: Natural along the eastern coast of Australia

Approximate height: 35m
Minimum temperature tolerance: Tolerates some frost
Climate: Suited to subtropical climate
Light: Full sun to part shade
Growth habit: Upright
Soil: Moist and free draining, can tolerate some clay


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