Australian Teak Tree (Crows Ash) Flindersia Australis

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Australian teak Flindersia australis, commonly known as crow's ash, is a species of tree that is endemic to eastern Australia. Australian teak (crow's ash) grows to a height of around 40m and can have a diameter of about 4 metres. Its found in rainforests and dry scrub. The leaves are glossy green with a paler underside. It has white to cream-coloured flowers arranged in panicles on the ends of branchlets which eventually produce a woody star-shaped 5-segment capsule when opened with short points that contain winged seeds. The tree has been exploited for its timber. 

Habitat: East coast of Australia

Uses: Beautiful timber that is used for flooring, boat building outdoor furniture and wood turning. It is a bird and butterfly attracting tree that is also fire retardant.

Approximate height: 40m
Minimum temperature tolerance: Tolerates some frost when established. 
Climate: Suited to subtropical climate
Light: Full sun to part shade
Soil: likes Free draining soil, can tolerate some clay

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