Welcome to Australian Custom Metalwork Designs

After selling metal art and having a great following throughout the years, I have now created a user friendly website to showcase my metal artwork.

My name is Rick King, I am a former Australian Army Infantry Veteran that specializes in  Australian Defence Force Metal Artwork. I also have a wide variety of experience in different forms of metal artwork including Metal Sculpture, Custom Sporting Medal Displays, Custom Business Artwork and Farm Properties signs. I have many years experience working with Brass, Copper, Stainless, Corten, Aluminum and other alloys. 

My goal is to make quality metal artwork only using the best materials available. I also like to show my customers a better understanding of the processes I go through in making my Metal Artwork. Most of my work can be seen on InstagramYouTube!! or our Australian Custom Metalwork Designs Facebook Fan Page with over 10,000 members and growing!! I've been listed as one of the Top Metal Artists shaping Australia. Please Read this article from 2017 where I was mentioned and also shown in a video making a Australian Army Rising Sun Badge. Click Here!!!

    I really hope you enjoy my metal artwork as much as I enjoy making it.

    **The front page only shows a small selection of artwork. Please view "MY ARTWORK" to view all of our Metal Artwork Collection**.


    Rick King